2019 MARCO collection

71 TECHNICAL DATA EXAMPLE OF USE FD011F SOCKET OR "ECOCOMPACT" KIT TO CREATE THE TV / SATELLITE NETWORK EXAMPLE OF USE FD506F AND FD002F SOCKETS TO ESTABLISH A "WATERFALL" TV NETWORK AND THE DIRECT CONNECTION OF TV SATELLITE EXAMPLE OF USING THE FD220F PLUG BASE TO CREATE A "WATERFALL" TV / SATELLITE NETWORK WITH AN IF-IF CABLE EXAMPLE OF USE OF FD010F PLUG BASES TO CREATE A "STAR" TYPE TV / SATELLITE NETWORK FD010F TV SAT DEMIX FD010F TV SAT DEMIX FD010F TV SAT DEMIX FD010F TV SAT DEMIX FD010F TV SAT DEMIX Multiswitches TV Receiver FD220F/14 FD220F/10 FD220F/6 FD220F/3 FD220F/18 TV SAT DEMIX TV SAT DEMIX TV SAT DEMIX TV SAT DEMIX TV SAT DEMIX FD013F/3 TV SAT DIPECT SAT Receiver TV Receiver FD011F “ECOCOMPACT” TV SAT TV Receiver FD002F FD506F/6 FD506F/10 FD506F/14 FD506F/18 TV Receiver TV & SAT signal SAT signal TV signal MECHANISM CONNECTION DIAGRAMS FOR POWER TV SOCKET OUTLETS There are two types of television signal wiring for several users: the parallel circuit ("star" wiring) and the series circuit. (n the Ȁrst case the dividers also called separators are Tsed which are responsible for ePTitablX dividinF the power of the inpTt siFnal into and althoTFh it shoTld be noted that for each division in the power of the siFnal for each oTtpTt also decreases bX half actTallX even a little more: the siFnal drop is TsTallX . . dB . This method of wirinF provides a Freat TniformitX of power in the television frePTencX band and a Freat insTlation between the terminals however it rePTires more cables. (n the second case the coTplers are Tsed and the television channels are connected in series cascade one after another. This tXpe of wirinF oǿers TnePTal division of the siFnal. STch a wirinF method provides Tneven division of the siFnal is easier to implement and rePTires fewer cables. 'owever when this scheme is implemented the siFnal reaches a lower nTmber of T5 receivers.